Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wiley Blue

I am sitting in my living room on the shag with two dogs fast asleep on either side of me.
Wiley Blue is our new Huskie, who literally fell out of the sky two weeks before Christmas. By fell out of the sky, I mean he was found running through the streets in our neighborhood and brought to us by a neighbor who rescued him from certain death. he is beautiful, trusting and young. Schweetie is our sheperd/lab mix that we rescued on Valentine's day last year from a crazy hoarder. And Newman our 16 hyear old Huskie is upstairs fast asleep, chasing rabbits.

In the morning i am going to take Wiley to the vet to get 'fixed' and I am having anxiety around this appointment (8:00 am). I hate that idea of sweet Wiley Blue getting in the back of my Subaru as he does everyday, but this day he's not going on a sweaty, long hike, rather he's going under and getting his balls snipped. ouch. He has had such a hard life so far. In his short year on the planet he was homeless for most of it and when he found a home (us) he has been attacked by random dogs twice. Once by a shepherd on our hike and the second time, in the same day, by a stray pit bull who almost killed him. The one thing that will get me in that car driving him to his surgical fate is that it's the right thing to do, he will live longer and I believe he won't be such a target for unwanted vicious attacks. . While he has his balls, he doesn't have the attitude to back it up. He's willingly submissive and a sweet sweet soul who wants nothing but to be a friend to everyone, give you a big kiss and hug hug hug.
Dogs are the best. They are loyal. They are unconditional. They are the ultimate companion.
They are always happy to see you. It's no wonder that dog movies make gobs of money. Who doesn't want to feel all that? sweet dreams Wiley Blue. Here's to the last night of life with your balls.
Note to Self: love your dog today.

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  1. Your dogs are beautiful. I miss mine every day (admits sheepishly and with embarrassment). She lived to be 11 though and we spent all but six months of that together.

    Write more please.