Monday, February 2, 2009

Wiley Blue made it.

He's fine. His manhood is intact and he is recovering.. back to his old tricks of pulling the toilet paper off the roll and into the hallway, or playing chase with my running shoe in his mouth. Or just staring. Staring at me brushing my teeth, trying to understand the strange noise the sonic care makes as he cocks his head from left to right. He also likes to stick his head into the shower and lick the drain and my legs. He's a wonderful treat and I love him. 

I love animals. All kinds of animals. But dogs seem to find us when we need them the most. I believe Wiley Blue is that kind of dog and spirit. He's not here for fodder or idle chatter. He's here to do something big.  Wonderful.  He was dropped out of the sky. special ordered from some weird Dairy Queen in a hat may I take your order person. 
Here' s a picture of him in all his glory. 
Trust me. I will be writing about my other pups, not to mention every other subject known to man,  soon.  He's just the newest addition to the family. 
love, andrea

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