Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To the right, to the right

I have a dear friend named Rogers Hartmann who has a disorder called Dystonia. She recently went on Oprah and the Today show to talk about her disorder and she blogs about what it's like to live with it.
Please check our her blog. It's full of insight, humor and the stuff that life is made of.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday is the new Sunday

MONDAY IS THE NEW SUNDAY. I thought it was going to be the title of my new book....but a las I shall stick to NOTE TO SELF (for now). But here it is Monday morning and my sweet, old (he's 16) Huskie, Newman is lying in the room in my house usually reserved for breakfast or painting or just clutter. But as you can see it's a luscious, cozy den with flowers!!! I had transformed it for a celebration of a friend's birthday the night before, on Sunday. It is a Monday morning when I took this photo, the day after Sunday, the day after a great party, girls gathering, a circle to celebrate all that is wonderful about being a woman.

"Monday is the new Sunday." It's an idea. A philosophy to adopt. I want to adopt it. I've always hated Mondays. So did Karen Carpenter. And that band who sang the song, Manic Monday. "I wish it was Sunday. Cause that's my fun day. I don't have to run day." I think it might be part of our DNA or a strange encoding from elementary school. It's that idea of 8 hours left in the weekend, that sacred beautiful life before the week begins again. Why does it have to be so weird and full of dread? And here's the kicker...I don't have a day job per se. I don't go to an office where I have to clock in. I don't have to be in rush hour. Actually, I don't really have to set my alarm, although I do for 7:00am everyday. But I still dread Monday morning. Who started this craziness? I often think what if I were Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon making bathing suits out of sea weed, sleeping under a bamboo shade structure, fishing with a spear and a piece of bamboo, (maybe I need more bamboo in my life) and hanging out with that beautiful blonde guy....would I give a shit if it were Monday? Hell No!! I would not care or know the difference.

So here it is . "Monday is the new Sunday." Where you can have a margarita at 6:00 pm, lounge in your sun room at 7:00 am with your oldest dearest dog friend and the economy isn't as bad as we perceive. Because after all Monday is just a perception. Kind of like life....an illusion full of all ways to perceive it.

Note to Self: If you don't like what you see, change your perspective.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

God bless Chelsea Handler

She's real.
She rocks.
She's an activist.
She gives voice to so much that renders us speechless.
I am grateful to her for mentioning Note To Self.
Her fans listened.
Thank you, Chelsea