Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miracles: big and small.

I am in NYC and it's snowing. I have always had a romantic fantasy of being stranded in NYC in a snowstorm. Today won't be that day, it's about to get bitterly cold and stop snowing. No fun at all. 48 hours ago, I was sitting across from Diane Sawyer on the set of Good Morning America being interviewed about Note to Self. I needed a good poking so that I could be reminded that it was real. I take none of this for granted. Then miracles started to happen -- as if being on Good Morning America wasn't miracle enough. My best friend Thom, who was with me that morning and I went on mission to hit every Barnes and Noble in the city to make sure they had books, and then I signed said book and then begged to be put on "The Octagon" in the front of the store with the other new releases. I was an octagon virgin before this week and I had never placed too much import on a geometric shape.

But in the book world, being on the octagon when you walk into barnes and noble is the place you want to be. It was a wonderful way to spend an already rockin' day. Then we went to The Strand (indie bookstore) and they had sold out!!! I couldn't believe it. When I went downstairs to order more, I overheard a woman asking if they had it in stock. I turned to her and said, "OMG!! i am andrea buchanan and that is my book" she looked At me and said "you are so much taller in person." We were both in shock. I as a first time author that someone was asking for my book and she because she had just seen GMA and was touched by my high school "graves" disease story. And the guy behind the desk, perfectly cast Indie book store guy, just looked at us both and said, "THIS IS SO WEIRD."

The woman's daughter had just been diagnosed with Graves and was having a very difficult time of it. The strand was out of the book, but I just happened to have an extra copy in my purse and I happily gave it to her and signed it for her daughter, Julia. I hope that Julia is reading this and that you find your strength and know that you will find your way and this is just a blip in the radar/story of your life.

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