Friday, June 8, 2012

Today is Ruby's due date!!


Today is Ruby's official due date, but she's still hanging in the belly.  Jason and I are doing great, she's doing great, the dogs are awesome, I'm convinced they know more than I do about when she's coming....and as my Doc (who I worship) said yesterday, PATIENCE is key during this time.  This pregnancy has flown by, I can't grasp that I've been doing this for ten months, when it feels like just yesterday I found out and yet now it feels like a slow motion ride rather than the warp speed one we've been on.

One of the biggest surprises is that pregnancy has done some amazing things for my body:  bet you don't hear that very often :)  My weird Granuloma skin disease has cleared up, which means I'm wearing tank tops for the first time in four years, my hair is thicker than it was in High school, and I've actually been referred to as "small" when people hear how far along I am.   I'm 5'10", size 10-12 and an 10 1/2 shoe, being "small" and "pregnant" is just something I never dreamed of.   It seems superficial, and it more than likely is, but I'm not gonna lie, I've enjoyed it!!!  Oh yes, and there's going to be a baby in my arms in a matter of days, that of course is the biggest blessing of them all. That's going to be blow my mind!!

I hope you're well and enjoying the summer.  Thank you so much for reaching out, saying prayers and being a blog friend.

Next post will be some baby news!!