Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small steps in a slippery world.

Hi. Lots has been going on over here since I last wrote. I hope you (those who happen to read this) are all well and know that I think about you often.

I am certain everyone of us is watching the news. The oily sick birds, those weird bright orange floatie things in the ocean that are supposed to stop the oil assault given to us courtesy of BP, the High Def oil flow picture that is spilling gazillions of gallons into the water a day. I for one, a self admitted news junkie, can barely watch the news anymore. I have to admit, my focus has been on what's happening to the ocean, the livelihoods of those who live in the gulf, the animals who are either suffocating or burning from the inside from the oil that's coating them on the outside....but today I got the wake up call. Eleven men died. I knew that, I've thought about them, I watched 60 minutes. But, today the father of one of the men who appeared on the news crying for the loss of his son brought it home for me like no other. They were sons, brothers, fathers and friends
The world seems upside down, inside out, and everyone who is supposed to make us feel better all seem slippery. Where do we go from here?

I cry. For lots of reasons. Today I cry for those lost men.
I am so sorry for the families' loss and I hope they find peace. I hope they know this country grieves with them and that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Just a little step: This coming Sunday the Social Services person with the Adoption agency we are working with comes to our home for our final House visit before they give us the go ahead that we will be put on a list for a adopt. Small steps are happening and we are getting closer.

Note to Self: Very small steps sometimes feel really good!


  1. What's that quote? The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...Something like that. What an incredible journey you are about to embark upon! There's no other like it...

  2. I cried with you for the loss of those men's lives and I hope with you for the journey you are about to take!

  3. I wanted to share with you a great experience yesterday finished reading the book eat pray love e.gilbert, really is amazing as we all asked many times in our lives if we have is what we really want, we all think to leave everything behind and start from scratch, but they are only a lucky few who manage to do so.

    I still try to do, after a relationship ended six years, I've spent some time rediscovering and discovering many things and people that share my world but not notice that before, ever imagine that human relationships were so complicated that is easy to fall in love for the first time and is difficult to forget when we make the mistake of losing ourselves in it.

    I do not take the plane to India, I stay home, just take my scuba tank my camera and let me transport my other world, take time to do yoga, I forget the phone, gave me hours of conversation with friends and strangers, fear no longer find it in meetings, and we can even talk without hurting, I'm in peace.

    If you want to take me to this book really is wonderful that invites us to dare to dream of someday finding God deep within a meditation cave in India, or perhaps a slice of pizza, or peace in a simple conversation with friends. if they can read it before seeing the film

  4. I am a new believer in small steps in the right direction are still great steps in the right direction.